Vemme Day Spa.

The symbol of the brand is a strong energetic woman. Vemme is an exclusive brand, giving its clients high-quality service. Each treatment and appointment is an occasion to create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Beauty, calmness, strength, good energy and high quality – these words describe Vemme best. They are also the base of the creative process behind the brand, for which we created a visual that would best accompany these characteristics.

Each visit at the Day Spa is a unique experience. Not only the atmosphere of the place, but also the graphic elements of the brand are a big part of the quality and overall aesthetics. All of the elements we designed for Vemme were to express not only its exclusivity, but also send a warm  and friendly vibe, give energy and represent vitality and rejuvenation.

Vemme means a woman’s strength and beauty cherished thanks to special treatments. This created a need for a possibility of purchasing these treatments a gifts. 

From these to elements: the exclusivity of the brand and the needs of the clients we designed gift cards, with copper embellishments. The cards are now a vital part of the Day Spa’s offer.  The copper color became a strong element of the overall brand design.