Xylitol is a natural sweetener produced from birch bark, which is similar to sugar in regard to both – texture and taste. It naturally occurs in many fruit and vegetables such as raspberries, plums, blueberries, corn and some mushrooms.

Renar is a distributor of Finnish xylitol of the highest quality. The brand has therefore at the same time exclusive and health-promoting characteristics. Taking on the design challenge, along with For brands studio we created a package and a logo which would express the high quality of the product and devotion to nature. The packages were to stand out and create a new standard among products within the healthy foods category.

The word ‘Renar’ means a reindeer, which is the symbol of Finland – the country from which the xylitol came. In the logo design we therefore used a line drawing of a reindeer, a strong animal, a symbol of reliability and vitality.

The use of it as the main symbol of the brand had even deeper meaning – it established a direct relationship between the product and nature from which it originates. Renar’s xylitol is and exclusive and natural product which was established by the logo design and the packaging.

In the package design we used gold as well as the birch pattern, which gave us a strong contrast of the pure white of the bark and the black of the package. This gave us an opportunity to achieve what we were looking for: elegance on one hand and clear message about the product origins.

This idea was then transferred to business cards, where we used gold embellishments as well as the sophisticated black. Line drawing of the reindeer was used in a larger scale as the main graphic element of the design.