b2match offers its clients innovative matchmaking software intended for meetings and events, participants’ management, registration, analysis and much more. b2match supports events and meetings’ management providing solutions which make interacting and gaining business contacts easier.

When designing their new app, there was also a need for a rebrand. The changes were not only about the logo. A new flexible visual communication system was also required.

We designed a logo built with cubes, which enabled us to create different geometric figures used as the main graphic element of the brand design. We also established rules of creating and using these shapes, as well as standardized them in a brand book. The shapes are the main building material of the brand communication and are used on all of the carriers in print and webdesign. They are a design element which identifies b2match on document covers, stationery and website. Depending on the needs, they can be put together differently to create new compositions.

b2match is mostly the software/app. The process of using it and the advantages had to be illustrated in a clear and user-friendly way. For this purpose we created a set of vector illustrations, used mostly on the website, which in a simple way explain the in-app event organizing process.

Our main task was creating a user-friendly visual communication system which can be flexible as well as well understandable. The illustrations and the colorful graphic elements built with cubes are the base of the brand communication. Beside them there’s a clear typography and content building description in the brand manual.