Asseco Poland is the biggest Polish IT company which now employs over 20 000 people and is present at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW). For over 25 years Asseco was, and still is, creating advanced software solutions for key sectors of the economy. Today, Asseco Poland stands at the forefront of the multinational Asseco Group. It’s one of the largest software vendors in Europe, taking the sixth place in the Truffle 100 ranking.

The main problem stated in the brief was a dated brand communication design as well in print as on-line. There was a need for a refremshment, but still within the frames of a corporate environment. The Asseco brand operates within a highly innovative environment, so the visual communication system needed to work in two environments – within the organization and outside, in terms of company-client communication.

The biggest chellange was organizing and reorganizing the visual identity of Asseco bramd. The rebranding had a main goal in refreshing the visual language and creating flexible framework for the rest of the etities within the Asseco Group. The new communication should have kept the necessary brand recognition, giving enough space for personalization within the Group.

Using the brand identity was meant to be practical and understandable, because the materials are created by different divisions and companies within the Group. The first challenge therefore was to establish the client’s needs. Second key element was creating a well-functioning system, which would work efficiently within a multi-level corporation.

The keyword of the rebranding was dialog. Dialog understood mainly as the one between business and technology. For an IT brand the interface is a form of a dialogue with the user. The graphic symbpol of this dialog is a speech bubble, which became the main graphic element of Asseco rebranding.

We used a simple geometric shape, which can be a vital part of a layout, as well as function as an independent graphic element. It allows a dynamic creation of taglines, which is very important within a corporation. Asseco is focused mainly on the end-user, thatt’s why the speech bubble, can be used in a promotioal materials as a simple graphc element as well as be a carrier of the slogans.